Kory Stotesbery, DO

Thank you for your interest in Optimum Performance Consulting.  I cannot wait to introduce you to the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of having.  My approach focuses on a strength-based approach to putting you in a place to achieve your goals.  I believe that the lessons we learn together will offer you an opportunity to see gains in all aspects of your life.  This method is as applicable to the person who wants to take elite performance to a higher level as it is to the person who is hoping for an experience of their dreams.

My background as a psychiatrist has given me a unique understanding of what it takes to create change in people’s lives.  While I do not practice medicine at OPC, we will still borrow from approaches research has shown to be the most effective.  Together will explore the science of your success.

I work best with clients that are introspective, excited about change, and open to using failure as an opportunity to hone their recipe for success.  If this sounds like you please contact us right away so we can get started changing your life.